In 2008, Milan Christopher reached a crossroads. Circumstances around him looked bleak in Chicago, Illinois. Friends of his were being arrested and sent to prison for years.

June 2016 is the first official anniversary for same sex marriages to be legal in all 50 states in this great, yet flawed nation of ours. The country is great in many ways, yet one flaw is the fact that I, like many of the couples that we feature in these announcements

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My friends, summer is upon us. That means the women’s game is about to take center stage. The ladies are anxiously lacing up their high-tops in preparation for the 2015 season of the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBA). We had a chance to chat with WNBA President, Laurel J. Richie, as she makes plans for what promises to be a very competitive and entertaining season.

According to Stefan White “Art doesn’t have a definition,” and if this is the case, he is undoubtedly an ARTIST! His art mediums; makeup, hair and creative direction.  Stefan’s brushes have adorned the faces and tresses of Keyshia Cole, Tweet, Lil Moe, Richard Smallwood & Vision...

ARTKUTEC is a digital indie-entertainment network featuring original series and movies from LGBTQ Artists of color. Founded by the creators of the No Shade series, Sean and Terry Torrington

Transgender service members in the U.S. military can now openly serve their country without fear of retribution, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced on the last day of June

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When I imagine 1986, I think of a forgotten city, buried underneath trendy coffee shops and other neo-liberal broken promises. A city once of joy and possibility, set against relentless grief and fear.

This compelling book recounts the history of black gay men from the 1950s to the 1990s, tracing how the major movements of the times—from civil rights to Black power to gay liberation to AIDS activism

As spring approaches, I know many of you are planning to get away. We had a chance to chat with John Tanzella of the IGLTA to offer insight for the LBGTQ traveler.

Although higher levels of melanin means less sunburn and less skin cancer, even the darkest-skinned persons are not at risk. According to the CDC, roughly 10% of Black people reported getting at least one form of sunburn