Nhojj grew up in Guyana and Trinidad but his Caribbean upbringing and being a preacher’s kid didn’t squelch his powerful voice as an out musician and as one of the most outstanding vocalists within the OUTMusic organization (The LGBTQ Academy of Recording Arts).

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My friends, summer is upon us. That means the women’s game is about to take center stage. The ladies are anxiously lacing up their high-tops in preparation for the 2015 season of the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBA). We had a chance to chat with WNBA President, Laurel J. Richie, as she makes plans for what promises to be a very competitive and entertaining season.

Andrew Nowell Menswear is a tailored sportswear line inspired by the music cultures of Hip Hop, Rock and R&B; paired with the influences of British Tailoring at Central London’s Savile Row and Urban hipsters in New York City’s Trendiest neighborhoods.

Queen Latifah stars as legendary blues singer Bessie Smith in this HBO Films presentation, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Dee Rees (Pariah).

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Institute recently announced that Aisha C. Moodie-Mills will be the group's next President and CEO.

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In 2015, Bklyn Boihood has become one of the most important community organizations for masculine-of-center, gender non-conforming and transmasculine bois of color

Stanley is a Writer-Director-Actor-Filmmaker and Reny is in Retail Sales.  They reside in New York and have been together 11 years.

These ultra-modern times of the twenty-first century make the experience of love exceedingly fast-paced. In & Out of Love: Poetic Affirmations

As spring approaches, I know many of you are planning to get away. We had a chance to chat with John Tanzella of the IGLTA to offer insight for the LBGTQ traveler.

What do the following world leaders, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln all have in common? Each struggled with depression and or anxiety at some point in their lives.