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Ask Rayceen – Readers’ Questions

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Questions Sent From Readers!!!

Optimized-Rayceen PendarvisI wanted to create a segment where I answer some questions sent to me from folks around the country. Often times, sharing what we go through individually helps free us and inspire others in their journey. Notice that the names have been changed because I don’t want folks calling the  DOLL out!

Question 1: I am dating someone who is 15 years younger than me who has an old soul and a good heart. What should I do?  – Bill, TX

Rayceen: It doesn’t matter because when you fall in love there are no size, color, or age limits so I say sit back and enjoy the ride HONEY!


Question 2: How do you find joy again after a breakup? – John, MD

Rayceen: First, take a moment and breathe.  Take heart in the fact that the breakup didn’t kill you.  Remember, loving yourself is the most important thing. People come in our life for a reason or a season, and tell them “bye Felicia” and KEEP IT MOVING!


Question 3: I have gained a little weight and don’t feel people see me as sexy anymore. What can I do? – Steve, NY

Rayceen: Stand in your light and celebrate being thick and fine because someone will see you are BRINGING SEXY BACK! Along with learning to be comfortable with your new body, you can create a workout plan to tone all that thickness up a bit. Better to be thick and toned as opposed to being skinny and jiggling.

Question 4: I took a trip all the way from NC to DC to see a man. When I arrived, I found out that his roommate was his Ex, should I feel left out in the cold?  – Darryl, NC

Rayceen: Communication is the key to everything! Be clear if you are a long distance booty call or someone he is trying to get to know. Next time make sure he pays for your hotel and your fare to get there. If not, go online and check hotels.com and priceline because if he f##ks up, you can always make a vacation out of the madness.

Question 5: When is the right time for your girlfriend to meet your kids?  – Terri, Phila.

Rayceen: The moment both of you have sat down and had that all important conversation to decide that you are no longer dating, but you are now in a relationship. And still take your time because your children are your greatest gift.  Time will tell whether you could be dating Clara the Crackhead, or Daisy the Drunk, and Lord only knows you don’t want to come home and find your kids drinking a forty or rolling a blunt.


I like to close out with a few more words of wisdom to shine some light your way. When it seems as if things can’t get any worst, hold on because your break through is just around the corner. Faith is like a palm tree in the storm, it can bend but never BREAK!  But if prayer is not your source of strength get yourself a good set of Golden Girls episodes, a good therapist, a new workout plan, a hefty credit card, or a good mani-pedi.

Love Rayceen

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