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It’s no lie, there’s an art to the truth, and one organization is mastering it in three ways: it’s real, unapologetic, and healing.  The T.R.U.T.H. Project (Telling Real Unapologetic Truth through Healing) is a Houston based social arts movement that was started by founder Kevin Anderson in 2011.

Black leather takes center stage in Chicago during the annual International Mr. Leather weekend, on May 25 – 29th.  Since 1979, this gathering brings the world leather community together for a multitude of events.

It has been 16 years since Robert A. Loveless left this earth.  He was a pillar of the gay and lesbian community in the Washington DC area, managing and owning nightclubs from the Brass Rail to Full House.

As LGBT or same-gender-loving loving people we now share an amazing option in life that we did not have before - the option of legally committing ourselves to one another in matrimony. A bad date or relationship can be ended at a moment’s notice, but a legal marriage isn’t as easy to let go of when severing the ties legally and properly.