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Of all the events in our community, the annual ski trip held during President’s weekend in February has always been one of the favorites. Brothers and sisters of all backgrounds come from far and wide to converge on upstate New York for a little winter fun and games. Whether it’s themed parties (pajama jam, white attire, pool party), a little retail therapy shopping at the outlets, the concerts (Patti Labelle, Fantasia, Chaka, Vesta, Faith, Regina Belle, Ledisi, Jennifer Holiday, etc..), or sliding down the slopes – fun is the name of the game.

After a few years hiatus, Ebony Pyramid Entertainment has brought this annual trip back from extinction. We had a chance to chat with Lisa Washington, Vice President for Ebony Pyramid about the forthcoming trip.

SWERV: What prompted you folks to pick up the annual ski trip?

Lisa Washington: Ebony Pyramid Entertainment was established in 1999. At that same time, the first iteration of the ski trip began. Around 2007, Ebony Pyramid began to cross promote with the ski trip promoters. As a result of the promotions, many of the Ebony Pyramid clients began attending the annual event. To the point that many in the public thought Ebony Pyramid were the promoters of the ski trip. When the ski trip ceased operations, many were pushing Ebony Pyramid to take up the mantle and continue the event. Ebony Pyramid did not think it was a good choice, taking into consideration the public scrutiny around the way operations ceased. When the second iteration of the event ceased after two years of operations, Ebony Pyramid was again approached by many of its clients to produce the event. So, after careful thought and consideration, Ebony Pyramid decided to produce the event. Ebony Pyramid felt its 18 years of entertainment and travel experience would help in producing a successful event. The Ebony Pyramid Pride Ski event will feature elements of its Pride Cruisin’ event and other productions. Pride Ski will not be a mirror of the past ski trips, but an event that has many unique activities that features a ski trip.

SWERV: Previously, this event always included a special musical performance from a national recording artist like Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan, Ledisi, etc.. Will you be including a concert at that level?

LW: Looking back at the first iteration and talking with some promoters of the second, it was clear that hosting national celebrities and recording artist was a financial burden on the entire event. Despite the money paid by ski trip attendees, the previous promoters had to come out of pocket to ensure this portion of the event was paid. This is one of, if not the primary reasons that caused the first iteration of the ski trip to fail. To cover all expenses and allow for a national recording artist, the ski trip needs to have over 300 paid attendees. So, Ebony Pyramid Entertainment has made the decision not to feature a national recording artist on its inaugural Pride Ski event. If Ebony Pyramid determines to continue the Pride Ski event, it will focus on securing sponsorship to cover the direct cost of a national recording artist. In the absence of the national recording artist, Ebony Pyramid Entertainment will feature a production with artists from the minority LGBTQIA community.

SWERV: Tell me about the Unsung Honors ceremony.

LW: Ebony Pyramid Entertainment’s Unsung Honors is a recognition of individuals not always noticed or praised for their hard work, courage, or great achievements. The Unsung Honors Awards will be presented on an annual basis for up to six recipients during the Pride Ski event.

SWERV: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers

LW: Ebony Pyramid is honored to host Pride Ski 2018 and encourages all to experience the event. To those that say they don’t ski, well, it’s more than just a ski trip. It’s an event full of exciting activities and an opportunity to build new friendships and relationships. In the past 18 years, Ebony Pyramid Entertainment has helped to build friendships and relationships, hosted men and women, hosted LGBT guests’ parents, children, and other family members, and served as the springboard for marriages and children. The Pride Ski 2018 tagline says it all, “Come Chill Out With Us!”