Yahzarah Interview

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SWERV: What was your motivation for your current release?

Yahzarah: To put out a record that gave people a personal glimpse into my life and to pick back up the bar set from my previous project “Hear Me.” My records up to this point, excluding “The Prelude” have always been someone else’s interpretation of me. And I just brought myself to it. This record is truly a look inside.

SWERV: What feeling would you like listeners to walk away with from this project?

Yahzarah: My hope is that listeners will hear my vulnerability and know that they are not alone in the things that they dream of and struggle with. And of course I hope they enjoy all the cold blooded “sanging” I’m doing on the project…LOL

SWERV: You appear to have a strong following within the Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community.   How did that come about?

Yahzarah: Well as long as I can remember I’ve always been a fag hag…LOL (HOpe that was PC). The LGBT community is full of my family and friends. The “kids” live out loud and I do too, and I believe that like spirits attract. My music reflects those ideas and I think all people can support that. And maybe that’s what draws us to one another. I love my LGBT fans, no other community understands living out loud and not giving a damn what others think more those in the life.

SWERV: Who are some of your musical influences and why?


Chaka Kahn: because she can sing anything well. She could probably kill the phone book…LOL.

Diana Ross: She oozes class and sophistication and is an amazing business woman and trendsetter.

Grace Jones: She is the very energy of sex, passion, and fashion.

Tina Turner: Because she is brave and isn’t afraid to rock.

Madonna: Because she made her own rules.

Lauryn Hill: Because she sings the truth without caring who’s listening, and she is a woman not only known for what she sings, but also for what she says. She truly knows the power of her words.

SWERV: What’s next on the horizon for the summer and next year?

Yahzarah: Well this summer I will be working on my next project. A lot of things have changed in my life and I want to take my time and tell the story right. I’ll be teaming back up with Steve McKie and Tone Whitfield (Estelle, Jill Scott, Bilal) to oversee this one. And yes, I will be on the road. NYC, DC, NC, Atlanta and Chicago are all getting shows.