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The Ballroom Report – Sept 2017


By Shannon Garcon

Photos: @Chronicle Images; @Ballroom Throwbacks

Summer was here, and there were two things we could count on – The Latex Ball and The Heritage Ball -two balls in New York City that have become a summer tradition for the Ballroom Community.

Let’s start with the Latex Ball.

Let’s be honest, since the Latex Ball has gone “Pay to Attend” and is no longer free, the crowd numbers have dwindled a bit, but not the creativity or participation.

Historically the Latex Ball has been one of the most diverse events in the Ballroom community, elevating heightened participation from Latino and white Ball walkers from the US and overseas. Female Figure Sex Siren gave me a moment I needed, a category with barely dressed exotic, sexy women shaking their business. If only I could walk this category!

The exotic beauties were in the house, but I have to give a special shout out to Natalie Milan from Taiwan and Kasonia Mugler from Kazakhstan for bringing us an Asian inspired moment that was SO HOT! However no shade, Grand Prize went to the “Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya,” sexy, mocha beauties; Tamia 007 and Kimmie Mizrahi. Congrats, well done ladies!

Now as we know Runway is always a hot category and at Latex 2017 we had a moment that featured some new rivals.  Cameo Balenciaga vs Egypt Garcon battle extraordinaire! Cameo debuted on the runway via an oversize Ken Doll Box wearing a tailored electric blue suit.  Pumping down the runway in a blaze of fire as the crowd went UP!  He made me know it!  His rival Egypt Garcon twirled and strutted in a flamboyant flowing outfit made of newspaper that mystified us all; Newspaper? Work! I live for the walk!  In the end Grand Prize – Cameo Balenciaga!

Labels, let’s talk about these label divas, Mizrahi vs Mugler – both done! Mizrahi in all Balmain and Mugler in Gucci and Balenciaga.  Again both were done but I need ONE! Mugler gave me “I just left the Paris fashion week trendy, savvy, world traveler,” and Mizrahi gave me “I’m done in Global Afro-inspired, high class fashion,” BEAT! Grand Prize – Father Yusef Mugler!

The Latex ball has always been the one ball where Bizarre always meant something, and it did this year. Creativity, Innovation! Congratulations Grand Prize Bizarre – the House of Soulja!

Next Page, the Heritage Ball! The Heritage Ball is another event that has grown over the years. It has found its niche as the social event for the older Ballroom patrons. The Legends, the Icons, the ones with a name.

First of all Legendary Realness was a who’s who of Ballroom Realness Legends; Marquise Balenciaga, Jarhard Ebony (he looks amazing), Mother Devine Chanel, Roy Ebony, James Icon, Melsohn Milan, Clint and Brandon Lanvin, Bamm Ebony and D Revlon, just to name a few.  At the end of the night congratulations goes to Female Figure Realness – Devine Chanel and Male Figure Realness – Marquise Balenciaga! Grand Prize for the cash, Marquise! Marquise – stop playing with us gay men, you making us hot for transmen!

There was one category that shook the building that night, Legendary FQ Face. The crowd patiently awaited the battle, Mother DeeDee ex-Chanel Lanvin vs Tempress Mugler. DeeDee looked like a “Wicked Beauty,” sultry, exotic and sexy. Tempress came through “Sun-Kissed and Done” fresh, radiant and gorgeous.  This is what the crowd wanted and they really gave us what we wanted to see. They battled but only one could prevail. Grand Prize – Mother DeeDee Lanvin. I think I smell some “Get Back!”

At any ball Voguing or “Performance” is always a big category.  Kya Mizrahi – girl you did your thing! When the girls come prepared there is no stopping them!  Grand Prize FQ Performance – Kya Mizrahi!  Grand Prize Twister – J-Rock Ebony.  Who knew J-Rock Ebony had some tricks up his sleeve!! Making me know “The Why!”

There were some notable mentions from the Heritage Ball Congratulations to Jor-El Milan for overall BQ Face and Grand Prize Best Dressed Tyra Ebony.

There was some deeming….

At Latex Ball: Treyon Garcon – Icon Body, Hamonica Sunbeam Adonis – Icon for Comedy. Karen Cover Girl – Icon for Lipsync Performance, Jazmin Escada – lcon for Lipsync Performance, Eunice Cleopatra  – Life Time Achievement Award, Davini Icon – Legend Fem Queen Performance, Asia Balenciaga – Legend Fem Queen Performance, Veronica Milan – Legend Fem Queen Performance, Tamiyah 007 –  Legend Fem Queen Performance

At the Capital Awards: Mook Mizrahi – Legend Vogue Fem, Keith Ebony – Legend Runway.

At the Heritage Ball; Arturo Mugler – Icon Performance, Twiggy Garcon – Legend Runway, Trey Garcon Milan – Legend Face, Paris Xtravaganza Ebony – Legend, Courtney Balenciaga- Legend FQ Face.

And yours truly Shannon Garcon was deemed an Icon!

That’s it, see you at the next function!!