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The Ballroom Report

The Ballroom Report

By Shannon Garcon

Photos: BRTB

Ebony Ball

All balls are not equal and the Ebony Ball in NYC was the perfect example. This was the house ball for the iconic House of Ebony. Poised to be one of the biggest balls of the year. Folks were done from head to toe making it more than just a ball but a bona fide social event! Bringing generations of patrons and Ballroom royalty under one roof. Paris is Burning meets Kiki and that’s one hot event!

The Grand March at any ball is always a pain. The exhausting and endless parading of members on the runway that you have never seen before nor care to watch is like death by a thousand knives.  The House of Ebony spared their audience this punishment by allowing each branch of the house to storm the runway as a group and not individually.  I must admit this was a cute trick, hopefully it will catch on. This freed up some real valuable estate for those that the crowd truly wanted to see like Sinia Ebony, and Shanice Ebony.

Sinia, always the true performer gave us the show we wanted to see in Grand March. Her voluptuous body still brings all the boys to the yard and her hips and tits swaying to the beat disappointed no one!

Looking around one could see that every region of Ballroomdom was represented from New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Atlanta, DC, Philly, Chicago, Dallas, and even Poland. Participants prepared to battle and make their mark in front of a packed house.  As hundreds made it inside the ballroom there were hundreds still stuck outside that could not get into the over packed facility. Hmmm Houston we have a problem!

Let’s talk about these categories. Face was hot, bringing out old Ballroom Icons like Allen Adonis and Kevin Omni locked in a battle for Iconic Face giving the Grand Prize win to Kevin Omni, another trophy for Asgard. New legends like Exotic Mugler, statement Emery Garcon snatching Legendary Face and BQ Face respectively with newbie Angel Garcon taking FQ Face. In a surprise appearance Alyssa Garcon brought the crowd to their feet stealing Grand Prize Butch Queen in Drag Face.

Mother Gia Mizrahi demolished all the competition in Female Figure runway, hitting the floor with a sultry dominated sway that screamed, “I am here baby and I will not be denied.” Demolishing all who entered her domain. Congrats girl!

The ball was not without its celebrity competitors Milan Christopher from Love and Hip Hop LA and Lawrence (Balenciaga) from Star and Real Housewives of Atlanta, receiving a rather cool reception from the audience on their Grand Prize wins for Labels. Side note, next time don’t take so long to show the judges the label on your coat!

The European invasion had begun, Kennedy Mugler landed on American shores winning Muscular Body with a body that was just breathtaking. Now we all love a nice body but his physique must be on loan from Mount Olympus, and we would love to see more. The Balenciaga’s were not to be outdone, storming the runway with a trio of Nubian princes toned and delicious. Taking home the trophy for Athletic Body.

The biggest prize of the night featured an international showcase with the European invasion coming for the American kids for Overall Grand Prize $5000 – The Bloodline. However at the end of the night the American flag was still standing with victories for Baby Garcon – Face, Ramon Lanvin – Best Dressed, Kameo Balenciaga –Sex Siren, Deja Mizrahi – Performance, and Morgan 007- Runway. Congrats!


Midwest Awards Ball

In March, we flew over to the Windy City to check out the Midwest Awards Ball. This event celebrates the accomplishments of the Midwest Ballroom scene.

One of the better categories of the night was Executive Realness Darth Vader, something different but creative. Congrats to J.D. Balmain for his win but a noticeable mention to Kamaro Blahnik for putting up a hard battle, he was in it to win it!

Vogue Fem brought out the best of the Midwest, but there was one person that stood out and deserved their win. Grand prize to the little Ebony that won, I don’t know his name but for now we will call him Tiny Ebony! He is definitely someone to watch out for in the future.

Throughout the evening there were several statues given out, Congratulations to Goddess Rodeo for being inducted into the Midwest Ballroom Hall of Fame, a status long overdue. Congratulations to all the others who received their legendary status at the Midwest Awards Ball; Tree Ebony – RWT, JD Bailman- Executive Realness, Katrell Mizrahi- RWT, Kweli Balenciaga – Transman Realness and Icon status was given to Tiyana Ebony! Congrats all!