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Atlas Boot Camp

The Atlas Boot Camp Exercise Program

Gradis Portrait

Words by Gradis White

The Atlas Boot Camp exercise class varies in style, depending on the day of the week. Participants can expect to meet outside, rain or shine. Each session typically runs an hour, consisting of some form of cardiovascular exercise (running, hiking, interval training, or obstacle course challenges), along with strength elements (using dumbbells, exercise bands, or the resistance of body weight). Attendees also work on flexibility in a stretch portion of the class, which may incorporate elements of yoga or pilates.

Created by Tim Buffy, and facilitated by yours-truly, Men Push Upsthe Atlas Boot Camp is offered three times a week, seven days a week, year round. People can pay daily, weekly, or monthly and come as often as they like. So, money is never an excuse.

The Atlas system challenges the mind as well as the body. We work on technique, form, core training, breathing, relaxation, and a better understanding of how the body moves. In just four weeks, class attendees can expect to drop 5% to 6% body fat, lose up to 10 pounds, and reduce their individual mile time sometimes by 2 minutes a mile.

“Often, the confidence participant’s gain in boot camp class helps them take control of other aspects of their life” according to Buffy. “It’s human nature is to challenge yourself against other people and to challenge yourself personally. Although people may vary in their athletically inclination, training with others who are more gifted or driven naturally makes people want to do better and work harder,” he says.

As an instructor, I seek to create an empowering environment for each participant. One that is nurturing and very challenging, not just about getting in shape but about community, nutrition and being better in everything you do.

Atlas participants are expected to show up, shut up, pay attention, and give 100%. The experience is disciplined and intense by nature. It’s not a cakewalk.Atlas Instructors

So why do boot camp classes suddenly seem to be showing up everywhere?

Atlas Boot Camp brings people who have similar goals together to optimize their performance. The interaction of an Atlas Boot Camp class is not only physically satisfying, but it helps people push themselves emotionally as well.


According to our class participants, the charisma of our instructors is a powerful draw. Atlas is run by 4 trainers Tim (The Body) Buffy, Kendall (The Kid) Gray, Steve (The Idealist), and me – Gradis (The Mouth) White.

As an instructor, I like to give my class a different type of workout each time to keep it interesting. I typically interject positive thoughts during the class to encourage everyone to find what it takes to reach their individual goals. Hopefully, people leave Men on Trackmy class feeling inspired for the rest of their day. I know what it takes to help people achieve their optimal performance.

Come out and join us sometime. It will change your life.

Email us at atlasbootcamps@groups.facebook.com