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Marriage Announcements

Marriage Announcements

By Ernest McCarley, Jr.



 Despite the disparaging climate in the country since the Trump Administration took office, we still have the joy of celebrating our right to marry our beloveds and it is wonderful. Every time a couple agrees to share their story with us at SWERV, I get an amazing thrill from the couple’s various stories about how they met to their days of saying “I Do.”

Bryce, one of the grooms from our first couple, is a friend and ex-colleague who found his prince charming halfway across the country. Folks- “he” or “she” may not be around the corner, but it can still happen. Our second couple also flirted from afar.  Surprisingly, they lived in the same city for 3 years. Then as fate would have it, they ran into each other one day and took a special ride that proves that love is the magic connector above all. Our engaged couple jumped over family rejection at the tender age of 17 and some 734 miles apart from the Bahamas to the ATL, despite deep Bahamian cultural morals and beliefs that forces our LGBT brothers and sisters to oppress who they are (same-gender-loving) for fear of losing their lives. Wow! Family, Children, Ladies and Gentlemen live this life we are given to its fullest and love whom you love to the alter or not. We at SWERV Love you all. E




George Broughton & Bryce Thompson- Broughton were married on February 24, 2017.

George is a Corporate Flight Attendant Trainer for a national airline and Bryce is in commercial property management. They reside in Houston, Texas and have been together for a year.

They met through the dating app Tinder unexpectedly. George was in New York on business and they came across each other’s page. At the time, George resided in Houston, Texas.  Likewise, George was new to the idea of using a dating app, so he mistakenly assumed Bryce resided in Houston as well.  After a few back and forth messages, George asked Bryce if he wanted to exchange numbers.  To George’s surprise, Bryce informed him that he lived in New York. Obviously, the distance was not a show stopper, thus they started a long-distance relationship. Shortly thereafter, George knew soon after they started visiting each other on a regular basis that they would be together because they both wanted the same things in life. After they got married, the couple completed construction on a new home in Houston. Like any newly married couple, children are planned for the future, two to be exact. Add Bryce’s dog Smokey along with another puppy and the Broughton’s family unit will be complete.


Erick Tyler Jamison and Alyson Nicole Jamison were married on July 19, 2016. Erick Jamison is a Chip Facilitator for The Powerhouse Project which is up under Quality Home Care Services. He does HIV testing and linkage to care with PowerHouse as well as outreach in the community. Alyson is an Assistant Salon Manager at The Dog Salon located in Charlotte, NC and is working towards starting her own dog salon one day. They reside in Charlotte, NC and have been together for 6 years. They met online through a dating site. They flirted via text message only sending pictures of themselves for 3 years straight. Erick randomly walked into a PetSmart to get dog food for his beloved pet and there he saw his soulmate in the window grooming a dog. The one he had been texting for 3 years straight. After that, they dated for an additional 2 years. Alyson decided she wanted to transition from male to female and Erick respected and supported Alyson’s decision because he loves her for who she is on the inside.  After 6 years in this together…they can truly say the 3-years of texting was worth it.



Orlando Williams and Adaiah Hope III will be married November 25, 2017. Orlando is an Entrepreneur/ CEO of Royal Sovereign Technology and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Adaiah is an Auditor/Visual Merchandiser and currently lives in Nassau, Bahamas. After marrying they plan to settle together in Atlanta, Georgia. They have been together for 3 years. They met through their best and mutual friend, Jerome Wilson. Their common tie was an online/console video game they both played regularly called DIABLO. Adaiah was 29 and Orlando was 39. Having a number of similar interests, they connected instantly. But as life would have it at the time, they were betrothed to other people. So, they maintained the friendship as an amicable one.

The times they spoke, it felt comfortable and endearing. They never lost their line of connection and continuously learned from each other’s experiences to cope with life’s challenges. But as fate would have it, the conversations changed over time. on fate’s time. They fell in love- just by printed word and the sound of their voices. When both were finally single, Orlando seized the opportunity to court Adaiah heavily. He invited Adaiah to Georgia for a visit for the very first time and it was love at first sight.  They are bound to be married for all eternity and all thanks to a good friend and the PS4. You cannot beat that ending. LOL.


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