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Marriage Announcements

Marriage Announcements

By Ernest McCarley, Jr.



With our new found freedom to marry, LGBT couples all over the country can finally exercise their rights and have the wedding of their dreams. Big or small our wedding days always hold a little magic for us all. Pledging yourself to another “until death due you part” is pretty serious business to say the least. The true test of our love and commitment comes every 365 days after the wedding fantasy.  Typically, this is time we also start to count the ever important anniversaries.

We applaud all of the couples that we have featured since the inception of this column.  On average, most of our couples have been together for more than nine years before their wedding day.  Even more interesting, the time span for how long our couples dated before getting married range from as little as two months to as much as 39 years before joining in holy matrimony. There has been a joke for many years that gay or LGBT relationships are counted like “dog years.”  The meaning behind this analogy was often believed to be that our level of commitment was generally short lived and for every year a couple remained committed to each other, they invariably got credit for seven years.  According to these numbers, this issue’s couple has been together for 28 years and married 14 years on their May 15th (2nd) anniversary. I guess that’s one way to play catchup for all the years our right to marry was denied. Happy Anniversary folks! Let’s continue to prove them wrong.


Ronnie & Brandon Fuller-Reaves were married on May 15, 2015. Ronnie is a nurse at a VA Medical Center and Brandon is a manager for TJX Companies. They reside in Fairburn, GA and have been to together for 4 years. They met while chatting online.






March / April Anniversaries:

– Baby Jenkins-Williams & Angelia Williams (March 7, 2013)

– Stanly and Remy (April 3, 2015)

– Barry & Charles Hoven (April 26, 2014)

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