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Marriage Announcements

Jan/Feb 2018


According to Match.com, December 26th through Valentine’s Day is the peak dating season with January 7th at 8:55 pm being the most requested time.  As fate would have it, that is the birthday date and time of both my dad, Ernest McCarley and dearly departed step-mother, Betty Jean McCarley.  I say it is peak dating season whenever you find it.  Therefore, the love of your life may come into existence in grammar school or at a LGBQT mixer as it happen for two of this issue’s couples.  So whether you are looking to just cuddle during these frigid winter months or looking for love everlasting and marriage, keep your eyes and mind open for that possibility today.  I wish you all a wonderful year filled with magic and happiness.

Love Always,


Ernest McCarley, Jr.


Hakim & DeKendrick Shakoor-Dix were married on October 28, 2017.  DeKendrick is a Project Manager for the University of Chicago and Hakim is a Chef for Chicago Film Studios. They live in Chicago, IL and have been together for 1.5 years. They met while attending an event that DeKendrick was a part of at a local bar in Chicago shortly after he moved from Atlanta.  While at the bar Hakim saw it was a little slow, so he deiced to check out the bar next door. As he walked out, DeKendrick was standing outside with some of his brothers.  DeKendrick got Hakim’s attention by yelling, “Hey where are you going?  Are you leaving already? The night is still young and the party has not got started yet.”  Hakim replied, “I am just going next door to check it out.” DeKendrick said, “Well are you coming back?” Hakim replied, “Yes I will come back over.” DeKendrick asked, “Are you coming back for real or are you just telling me that?” Hakim responded, “I am a man of my word. I will be back.” So, Hakim went back to the bar, as he walked in DeKendrick was standing by the bar.  DeKendrick asked if he wanted a drink which Hakim accepted, they started talking, and the rest is history.

Lakeitha & Tiffany Alexander-Davis were married on September 15, 2017.  Lakeitha is a Warehouse Receiver and Tiffany an Account Manager.  They reside in Glendale Heights, IL and have been together for 2.5 years.  They actually met in grammar school.  Lakeitha was one of the best friends of Tiffany’s cousin.  They reconnected via Facebook about 4 years ago and slowly developed a friendship; both were in relationships which ended within months of one another and Lakeitha finally asked if Tiffany would consider going on a date with her.  Tiffany agreed to the date and things proceeded from there.  Tiffany asked to come see Lakeitha because they lived in two different states.  Timing was not good for Lakeitha because of the type of job she had at the time and she did not want Tiffany to come if she could not spend all of her time with her.  Finally, they were able to see one another and it was love at first sight.  They knew from that day forward that they would eventually be married.

Debra M. Gilbert and Quintana P. Patterson were married on September 24, 2016. Debra is a retired teacher of 30 years with the Aurora Public Schools and Quintana is a Senior Information Security Analyst for Jefferson County Public Schools. They reside in Aurora, Colorado, a suburb of Denver and have been together for 7 years and life with each other has been amazing. They first met in March of 2011 at a networking event specifically for Black lesbians. Apparently, Debra caught Quintana’s eye because she began asking around about her. After several months of running into each other at various events and taking random pictures together and some research /stalking on Quintana’s part, Quintana invited Debra to her birthday celebration in November of that year. Since that night they have been inseparable because they both knew they had found their companion for life. They believe that their love is an example of the power of prayers and what can happen when you allow God to his work.



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