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Trump Fires Entire Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS

On December 30th, months after a half-dozen members resigned from the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) in response to the White House’s health care policies, President Donald Trump has dismissed all remaining members, leaving the council vacant.

National LGBTQ Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey stated that, “Trump ended 2017 with another horrendous reminder of why — in less than a full year in office — he has become the most anti-LGBTQ president in modern history.”

Created in 1995 under President Bill Clinton, PACHA members are appointed by the president, and usually include HIV/AIDS researchers, health care officials, medical providers, clergy members, HIV advocates, and people living with HIV. PACHA also provides recommendations for the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, a federal program created under the Obama administration in 2010. President Trump has since let the White House Office of National AIDS Policy decay, refusing to appoint an official to lead the office.

The CDC reports that over one million Americans are HIV-positive, with queer men making up over 65 percent of all HIV diagnoses. Black men represent approximately 45 percent of all HIV diagnoses, whereas Latinos comprised 24 percent of HIV infections.


Park Cannon Launches Re-election Campaign for Georgia State House of Representatives

At 25, Park Cannon is one of, if not the youngest member of the Georgia State House of Representatives. Sworn in on February 22nd after winning a runoff vote for the District 58 seat, representing Midtown, Downtown, and Southwest Atlanta, Cannon is one of three openly queer lawmakers in the House of Representatives. Park seeks to be re-elected for her third term in May 2018.  @PARKCANNON58.COM




NGLCC Renamed “National LGBT Chamber of Commerce,” Reaffirms Mission as Business Voice of the LGBT Community

The business voice of the LGBT community, formerly known as the National Gay & Lesbin Chamber of Commerce, has announced that the organization will formally shorten its name to its acronym “NGLCC” and be known as the, “National LGBT Chamber of Commerce.” This change, which is accompanied by an organizational visual rebranding, moves to better include the bisexual and transgender members of the LGBT business community for which NGLCC has fiercely advocated over the past 15 years.

As NGLCC marked its fifteenth anniversary at its 2017 National Dinner awards gala on Friday, November 17, NGLCC co-founders Justin Nelson and Chance Mitchell were joined on stage by transgender business leaders as they reiterated the organization’s pledge to advancing economic opportunities for all members of the LGBT community.

“The LGBT business community is stronger than ever and our organization must continue to evolve to be the best champion we can be for our businesses. That starts with ensuring every element of our brand demonstrates our commitment to all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender entrepreneurs, as our new moniker of ‘NGLCC: The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce’ shows,” said NGLCC Co-Founder & President Justin Nelson. “As we continue to assert our community’s presence and importance in the American and global economies, it is essential that NGLCC lead boldly with a vision for the future of LGBT business that is not only inclusive of all members of the LGBT community but also celebrates diversity in all of its forms.”


Under its new name, NGLCC will continue to advance the interests of LGBT business owners, which now number at an estimated 1.4 million in the United States and boast a combined estimated economic impact of over $1.7 trillion, per NGLCC’s groundbreaking America’s LGBT Economy report.  Additionally, the NGLCC Global program will continue expanding the important connection between LGBTI human rights and economic opportunity around the world.