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Publisher’s Letter – Beautiful People





Barbara Tucker’s dance anthem, “Beautiful People” is one of my favorite songs. Beyond that driving, infectious, fierce beat, and those heart wrenching vocals, the song’s message of valuing inner and individual beauty is EVERYTHING!

This issue celebrates some of the “Beautiful People” in our community. The legendary Supermodel, Tracey “Africa” Norman and designer Douglas Says share the beauty in their work and longstanding friendship. Juan & Gee Smalls tell the beautiful story behind the creation of The Gentlemen’s Ball in Atlanta. “BigLuke” Huff gives us a window into a beautiful, positive, inspiring, and creative soul as he tells us about his life’s journey. Designer, Conrad Brooks redefines beauty by turning everyday items from Lowe’s into high fashion Couture. Charles Hughes and Richard Solomon share their beautiful story of marriage and creating Lambda Vodka. And David John tells us about the beautiful mission behind the work of the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) as he takes on the role of Executive Director.

On top of that, we profile some beautiful and talented artists on the scene.  Whether through music, dance, theater, film, or fashion, these inspiring individuals are truly embracing their gifts, and letting both their external and internal beauty shine.

The world today has a lot of ugly elements to it. Violence, discrimination, homophobia, poverty, etc… has us all living on the edge. Let’s celebrate the people in our world who bring us beauty, that “deep inside, deep, deep down inside” kind of beauty.



Jamil A. Fletcher