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Mike Ruiz – Unveils The New Pretty Masculine

Celebrity Photographer Mike Ruiz Unveils The New Pretty Masculine iPad App


Celebrity Photographer Mike Ruiz has partnered with Echo Interaction Group to transform his hugely successful coffee table book, Pretty Masculine, into an interactive photographic gallery for the iPad. The Pretty Masculine App offers unprecedented access to Mike Ruiz’s entire creative process. “As an artist and photographer, I’ve always been interested in peeling back layers and portraying people out of context,” says Mike Ruiz. “My goal with The Pretty Masculine App is to introduce a new way for people to consume art. The app is unique in the way that it combines a photography showcase with interactive functionality. It is the first of its kind to be released by a photographer.”

Content in the app will continually be changing, refreshing and evolving to reflect the full spectrum of Ruiz’s body of work, and will include more fashion-oriented images. Particularly exciting to fans of Mike Ruiz’s work is the app’s interactive Studio Section, a feature that gives subscribers the ability to upload their own photos and transform them with a Pretty Masculine makeover. A variety of make-­‐up, lighting effects and accessories from the Pretty Masculine collection can be added to subscriber’s personal photos, and can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Expanding on the inspiration behind the project, Mike says, “Following the philosophy behind the Pretty Masculine coffee table book, my App seeks to deconstruct and maybe even blur society’s notion of what is masculine and what is feminine. New and emerging technology enables us to do this with greater ease. We can now push our collective imagination even further, allowing us to explore our psyches in earnest. It is my aim to give my audience some additional tools to look more deeply at two-dimensional images by offering them the backstory on the images, allowing them the opportunity to interpret these images from a place of greater understanding.”

In addition to offering loads of new images, The Pretty Masculine App will engage fans by allowing them to touch, scroll, explore, learn and interact with the fanciful photos. Through behind-the-scenes video, fans can watch as models morph before their eyes from a blank slate to full body makeup. There are also slickly edited short videos paired up with their corresponding final images, so the viewer can see the image come to life.

Fans are also able to learn more about the models and artists through individual profiles, including bios, photos, and video interviews. The Pretty Masculine App also has social media links that allow fans to connect directly with the models and artists. The app is an evolutionary project of its own. Additional material and content will be continually updated.

The Pretty Masculine App will also be a philanthropic conduit to various charitable organizations that Mike Ruiz supports. These charities will be highlighted periodically on a rotational basis.

The Pretty Masculine App is available now in the iTunes App store. http://mikeruiz.com.