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Enhancing the Black LGBTQ/SGL Travel Experience

Traveling while LGBTQ/SGL can sometimes be a challenge. In some countries, you and your partner might receive funny looks from the natives. Fellow beachgoers may frown as you rub that suntan lotion on your same-sex guest. Gay/Lesbian public displays of affection may actually place you at risk in certain areas. Remember, many of the tropical, exotic destinations we tend to visit have harsh, barbaric laws on the books regarding our community.

That being said, the “children” love to travel. According to the African American LGBT Consumer Report by Community Marketing & Insights (CMI), participants take about 2.5 leisure trips per year with 68% identifying themselves as warm weather travelers. 48% of the men defined themselves as urban core travelers, while 43% of the women specified a primary interest in cultural travel experiences.

Circle of Voices Inc. Travel & Excursion looks to further enhance the travel experience for Black LGBTQ/SGL people. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the objective of this travel agency is to expose communities of color to LGBTQ/SGL friendly destinations domestically and throughout the world. “We have listened to the women and the Sistah communities who have repeatedly said ‘there are no clubs for women’ or “there are only men’s bars” for over 40 years of travelling to Pride events, and musical festivals. We are reaching out to event producers, especially of women events and conferences to be their exclusive travel agency,” says Kaz Mitchell, of Circle of Voices.  

Circle of Voices Travel was inspired by Eugenia Wimberly, who started Foxy Lady Van Service in the 1980’s, transporting mainly women of color to music festivals, and resort towns. Wimberly is legendary for her advocacy which lead to the Women of Color tent at Michfest, and for the creation of a music festival featuring other women of color. The Travel business is an expansion of the larger Circle of Voices organization, a non-profit that provides artistic activities for Women of African Descent and Women of Color.

Circle of Voices is proud to be the U.S. travel agency partner for Paris Black Pride, creating travel opportunities between July 10-17th.